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van der Linden
You can find me here: 3.B (WH)


Imagine tomorrow, a tomorrow in which all colour has disappeared, leaving only a monochromatic world devoid of personal expression.

Colourful cafés are being replaced by larger, branded chains that prioritise a calm and consistent atmosphere and function more as glorified co-working spaces. The same is happening to the colours used in children’s toys and furniture. The use of colours has shifted away from vibrant, primary hues towards more muted tones that are popular to fit the Instagram grid aesthetic. 

Aura is a tool and product that emphasises the importance of colours around us and their effect on our psyche. 

The toolbox contains a light that utilises colours and their psychological benefits to calm and activate your psyche. Through the use of three coloured disks which you can attach in multiple ways, you can infuse your interior with colours and create your desired outcome. 

The speculative product, aims to share the urgency of the effects the disappearance of colours could have, by presenting a narrative that is imagining tomorrow, a tomorrow in which all colour has disappeared. 

The realised products are a toolbox that contains, a light and an instructional guide.

More visuals soon !

Graphic Designer & Photographer
Romi van der Linden