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Odd Sightings on a Queer Commute

Project details

Bachelor – Illustration
Public & Private

Odd Sightings on a Queer Commute is an interactive fiction game concept about taking the metro. In the game you play a queer person commuting to go on a date with a friend. During your commute weird incidents keep happening trying to stop this queer meetup from happening, while you navigate a claustrophobic metro.

To advance in the game, you need to choose your actions and answers carefully. With every incident, getting weirder and weirder, odd passengers block your path to get into a less crowded car.

This game concept is designed by asking the question: How can queerness be represented through the interactivity and narrative of a video game? Looking at the genre of interactive fiction, a lot of independent queer-published games have the same tropes. One of these tropes is that these games are usually dating video games. This game is an attempt to represent something else of the queer experience, the experience of having to take public transport in a heteronormative social structure.

Play the demo at the 2023 Graduation Show to get a feel of the game. There are two endings, which you get depending on the decisions you make and the answers you give, as they change your stress level.