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van der Geest


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dig out (something buried, especially a corpse) from the ground. 

“the body was exhumed”

“Exhume” is a video/performance installation by Tim van der Geest that travels through remembering the sense of belonging at four different stages of life. The stories told are supported by set pieces and props that enhance the narrative. What is the desire to remember this sense of belonging? Where is one heading to? And are these questions something that will remain in one’s life?

This work is subjected to also being researched at Erasmus University. The focus of this research was to unravel how queer individuals find a sense of belonging and ‘home’ in nightlife. Moreover, how these spaces remain critically important as queer people and women are constantly subjected to hegemonic heteronormative forces throughout their lives. Nightlife serves as a form of escapism from everyday reality. On the other hand, this research also focussed on why we have to remain critical on clubbing spaces.

This research eventually shaped te body of work in “Exhume” and follows the journey towards finding a sense of belonging in nightlife. This installation also tries to celebrate this journey by incorporating cliche ways of celebration by, for example, placing the screens in cakes.