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Beyond the City Park

Project details

Bachelor – Audiovisual Design
Honours Programme
RASL minor – reimagining tommorow….

As the seasons are changing, and the city park’s undergrowth is suffering under the harshness of an early heatwave, a flock of 500 sheep leaves their urban refuge behind in search of greener pastures.





“Beyond the City Park” is more than a documentary, It invites the viewers to share in the embodied experiences of the sheep, to feel the rhythm of their journey, and to understand their perseverance and resilience. By bringing the camera closer into the flock, it offers a unique, intimate perspective, capturing their interactions, gestures, and reactions as they navigate their environment.

 Designing Non-Human Centered Narratives in Film 

“Beyond the City Park” marks my initial venture into the realm of non-human driven narratives, serving as a learning platform for pushing the boundaries of storytelling in film — a medium traditionally steeped in human experiences. I acknowledge that completely escaping the human gaze in the film may be an unattainable goal, given our inherent human biases. Nonetheless, it is a necessary exploration, a stepping stone toards a broader cinematic landscape that transcends human-centric narratives. It’s a fresh and largely unexplored territory in filmmaking, and I am eager to delve deeper into this realm.