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Project details

Bachelor – Graphic Design
Public & Private

Ignite the spark of the future. Where past and future meet, and situations repeat in the realm of now. ‘Present Knows Now’ does this through an audio visual experience; where the spectator enters a realm where in that current present, the past is ceaselessly recompositioning, and allows to speculate on a repetitive future. The experience involves layered sound, film, and sealed objects. The spectator’s experience will be quite intuitive, but by focussing the media layers of the installation to an emotional atmosphere, the dialogue is slightly guided and designed.

The film is a three-layered piece that shows how I’ve deconstructed, destroyed, zoomed in, overlayed, and altered my mediated memories in combination and correlation to the mundane. ‘PKN’ highlights how memories are always related to something from the present or the future, and that spectres sometimes hide in the smallest of corners, shapes, and patterns. Ultimately, the audio layers will guide the spectator to look around them, but also disrupt the linearity of time and the temporality of the memories. As the spectators analyse the context, they’ll notice there objects are sealed and preserved. The only thing fully visible are the outlines of their shapes, and the colours, textures, and any other aspect that shows their presence or relation to time, is hidden and preserved. Additionally, on top of the sealed objects you find other shapes from images that perform like they’re ghosts.