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Project details

Bachelor – Illustration

Moving to a new culture involves a significant psychological adjustment that includes learning new interpersonal and social behaviours, adapting to new values, and becoming part of a minority group. For many, the experience of moving to a new culture can feel like a strong gust of wind on a spring day (춘람), bringing with it sudden challenges and palpable changes in the environment.

This short animated film tells the autobiographical fiction of a young immigrant’s journey, exploring the challenges and experiences of adjusting to a new environment. The main character goes through a range of emotions, including interest, excitement, confusion, and loneliness. Through the use of a window (Raam) as a metaphorical medium, the film allows us to peek into the character’s mind as she ultimately find the last emotion, acceptance.

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Idea Sketches

In our daily lives, we encounter countless windows: on buses, trains, and in passing cafes. They offer us a glimpse of where we are or the external landscape. However, windows can also serve as portals to look within.

Cultural identity confusion is a complex and diverse emotion that cannot be easily grasped by the naked eye. In this animation, I employ the window as a metaphorical tool, a magenta to unlock introspection. Through vibrant and diverse experiences, we weave a story that visualizes the protagonist’s profound emotions.

By peering through this metaphorical window, viewers embark on a journey that delves into the intricate layers of cultural identity. Through this story, I aimed to embark meaningful dialogues among various perspectives.