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I hope you age happy

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Bachelor – Graphic Design
Social Practices

Ageing is a universal experience, one that we all undergo continuously. With advancements in modern medicine and improved living standards, the human lifespan has been steadily increasing, resulting in a larger older population than ever before. Despite this, many cultures harbour negative perceptions and prejudices towards ageing. Ageism, the discrimination against individuals based on their age, is pervasive, with many people holding ageist views that marginalise older adults. Ageism is both a malady and a symptom; it reflects our views on ageing and, when internalised, can shorten a person’s lifespan by up to 7.5 years.

“I hope you age happy” challenges the dominant narrative that ageing inevitably leads to a deterioration of self. It aims to showcase the beauty of ageing. Through content analysis of films and advertisements, this hybrid publication highlights the prevalence of ageism in the media we consume. By reviewing literature, it underscores the impact of ageism, and through interviews and research, it provides a new perspective on ageing.

Ageism is a significant issue that we have ignored for too long. To foster a more inclusive society where older people are valued for their true worth, we must start by recognising the beauty of ageing rather than focusing on its potential drawbacks. I hope you are willing to open your mind to a new perspective on ageing, and most of all, I hope you age happy.