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cutting ties would never break or bond

Project details

Bachelor – Photography
Autonomous Practices
Critical Studies

Flo Verhulst (1999) their work is characterised by using themselves as their subject; both in the image and conceptually. By literally and figuratively exposing themselves and addressing personal topics in their photography, Flo strives to understand themselves better. By taking self-portraits they learn to process and, by turning so far inward, they hope to be able to touch the painful places that the viewer might also recognize in themselves.

cutties ties would never break or bond is a series of self-portraits about generational trauma in mother-child relationships, and finding closure through acceptance and sympathy.  

For many generations, the cycle of generational trauma that had been passed on in my family‚Äôs female line was often left undiscussed. Shaped by shame, silence, and rejection and having experienced the relationship between me and my mother as a triggering one, I have often considered cutting ties. Having started this project to find the source of my dynamics, I not only realized breaking the cycle was never about shedding scars, but accepting its influence on my life and how I dealt with its consequences signified whether I was continuing the cycle or breaking it. By photographing myself in nature with an umbilical cord – both alone and with my mother – I was not only able to express the desire for a sense of belonging, but through photography, we were able to break the silence that had been lying upon us for years.  

You can find this work at WH.3.306 – Wijnhaven building 3rd floor, right corridor from the stairs, last classroom on the right.

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