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Alienation: A Neoliberal Fairytale

Project details

Bachelor – Illustration
Autonomous Practices
Critical Studies

Alienation: A Neoliberal Fairytale is a political comic about the implementation of neoliberal policy and the austerity that follows.

When the devil dressed as a businessman enters a strange world that seems to be driven by community and solidarity, he makes it his mission to seek out people who can transform this world to fit his image. He will only be satisfied once it is a frugal, lonely shadow of its former self… or does this hyper-individualized suburbia seem familiar after all?

This graphic novel is comprised of 6 chapters on 60 pages, with individual chapters exploring and reworking several real-life policies implemented in Neoliberal Governments around Europe. It’s first edition is self-published, riso-printed in and glue-bound as a paperback.

Jolanda Dekker is an illustrator and printmaker from Germany, who has lived in Austria, Poland, the Netherlands, and Ireland. Her work is inspired by European comics, contemporary digital illustration, and her participation in direct climate action. This project results from extensive artistic research conducted about neoliberal policies, different philosophical themes, and artistic methodology, and is motivated by the author‘s personal experiences of living in a neoliberal society.