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Musical Notation as Discussed by a Graphic Designer

Project details

Bachelor – Graphic Design
Honours Programme
Visual Culture

Is there a way to reduce the visual components but preserve the indication? How can I, as a graphic designer exhibit a visually engaging musical score based on the purest sense of musical interpretation and visual language?

It is unlikely that graphic designers see music notation to be such a task that is primarily theirs, as it is more likely to be done by the musicians themselves. Realizing the gap that this project might fill, I focused on bringing out the advantages of receiving training in each background, emphasizing the ways in which I can contribute to repurposing the traditional way of transcribing melody. 

Both in my graduation project and written component I discussed this issue profoundly, coming to a conclusion to propose an alternative way for the issue mentioned above, precisely in detail yet providing the bare minimum visually. For this method I gathered the most pragmatic sense of a visual grid and based my notation on a mathematical rule system in which the performer is trusted to adjust the performance by their interpretation of the music, thus giving much freedom for individuality.