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Laura van

In het Diepe

After expanding my knowledge in math, history and Dutch, I still didn’t know the answer. How do you make a study choice when you finish secondary school? Based on what do you make this choice, and how do you know if it’s the right one? I didn’t know, and fell into a big hole.

This documentary originated from the intrinsic motivation to create more awareness around the ‘study choice problem’. In the Netherlands, young people aged between fifteen and eighteen are expected to choose a suitable study after secondary school. The support offered by schools often falls short, leaving the responsibility almost entirely with the students themselves. After my own secondary school, I fell into a deep hole, the impact of which I still experience today.

In this documentary, I conducted over fifteen interviews to explore how others experience the problem. I relive the study choice process in a new way, using my own past experiences as a guide. By talking to people who are currently facing this choice, have already experienced this process, or influence it in a different way, I look for new insights and perspectives.