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Laura van
You can find me here: 3.A BL

Through the Sun, we see time.

Project details

Bachelor – Photography
Honours Programme
Visual Culture

The awareness of the fragility and value of time can be a source of peace of mind. 
When rushing through the fleeting feeling of life we often forget to take a moment. The present keeps turning into the past while we focus on the future. 
A big part of shaping our perception of time is sunlight. The constant rotation between the presence and the absence of it. Ages ago, we started measuring time using the light of the sun and eventually also with the other stars. Light and time are always connected, and I believe that natural light can act as a visual reminder of the value of time. 
When taking photographs it leaves a remnant of light and time. By using photography as my main medium and combining it with different techniques and methods, I aim to exaggerate the presence of light and time in each photograph and create an homage to natural light. Some examples of these techniques are: burning film by using sunlight and a long shutter speed, capturing astronomical objects, taking double exposures, and capturing shadows. The result is a collection of these photographs shown in a book.

With the help of astronomer Johan van Kuilenburg at the historic observatory in Leiden, I was able to capture the Sun, the moon, and different stars/astronomical objects.