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Lilah Reneé
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Aesthetics & Functionality of a Brand Through Colours

Project details

Bachelor – Illustration
Commercial Practices
Contexts & Situatedness

How does colour determine the aesthetic and functionality of a brand? More specifically, does the use of specific colour interactions influence on the perception of a brand’s aesthetic and functionality to young female customers? This project delves into the rebranding of Bumblefly Studios’ aesthetic and function, the external partner for this project, as to how they want to be perceived by their customers.

An aspect of brand design is their colours which affects how their customers feel and behave towards their brand hence, curating a colour palette is one of the first and most important steps, before moving on to the final deliverable of the brand’s design.

Bumblefly Studios aims to attract people who love cute and practical products whether it be an addition to their everyday essentials, or to further accessorise their outfits.