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Zingerle (MEDEA)
You can find me here: 1.E BL + FF

We are waiting for snow

Project details

Bachelor – Audiovisual Design
Honours Programme
Visual Culture

An essay film and expo in which I seek to connect with a grandfather I never met, step into his footsteps and visit the same places he did in 1931 at 23—the same age I am now. Through this journey, I explore the evolving landscape and reflect on how our relationship with nature and the media we use to capture memories has changed.

To place the mountain itself into a spatial context, I took its elevation lines and created an abstract sculpture. The blue lines represent the traces of my grandfather, whereas the red ones represent mine.

Next to the process booklet of my journey, on the wall, I mixed my grandfather’s pictures with my own. Can you spot which is which?

TEASER – We are waiting for Snow

Screening at KINO Rotterdam “Shorts 2” & “AV4” 4th-6th July 2024