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Biba Mi Kultura: Keeping Cultural Traditions Alive

No human society can remain culturally stagnant and survive over a long period of time. There is an ever present need to adapt cultural traditions to an array of variable factors in the world, ranging from the physical environment to social and intellectual evolutions within any given society.”

Jay Haviser

“Biba mi Kultura: Keeping Cultural Traditions Alive” (Live My Culture) is a research project by Raygenie Finies focused on preserving the cultural heritage of Bonaire, a Caribbean island. The project looks at how cultural traditions are passed down through generations and explores the challenges and opportunities in this process as society changes.

A key part of the project is the role of art in preserving culture. Art is highlighted as a powerful tool that can connect different generations and keep traditions alive. By using artistic expressions, the project shows how art can make cultural traditions relevant and interesting for younger people.

The research emphasises the need for a balanced approach to cultural preservation. This means respecting historical traditions while also embracing modern ways. By encouraging communication between generations and using art, “Biba mi Kultura” aims to ensure that Bonaire’s cultural heritage remains strong and continues to thrive for future generations.

Project details

Bachelor – Photography
Social Practices
Cultural Diversity