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Hoe vermijd ik dat ik een docent word?

Project details


‘Hoe vermijd ik dat ik een docent word?’ is about merging my artistry and teaching. This is done by using my workplace, the school as a breeding ground, whereby my education becomes an art medium and vice versa. In my research I play with my role as a teacher and reflect on the experiences of myself and my students.

In my internships and current job in secondary education, I have noticed that many of my colleagues no longer have their own art practice. The teachers themselves also indicate that their artistry has been lost due to education. They got into a “rut” and became absorbed in the comfort and routine of school. What I find quite strange, they just started with a passion as a maker, but when you have to share this passion, does it suddenly disappear? A so-called identity crisis arises, they are an art teacher during the day and a “struggling” artist at night.

The series of tapestries I made for my graduation.

While combining these two, separate roles has a positive impact on both. In fact, when you have two identities together, they work better than apart. When you combine these two roles, or even almost worlds, you become an artist-educator or teaching artist. For my graduation I researched who I am as an artist-educator and how I can keep my artistic practice while teaching after graduating.

My final work was created through a series of assignments that I did with my students. They transformed me into an artist by drawing over my “teacher picture”, they wrote letters to the places where they have their break and I reflected visually on moments of teaching that later haunted my mind when I got home. I have translated the results of this research into a series of tapestries.