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You can find me here: MIN1.A (BL)


Theo Rekelhof is an environmental artist and a self-proclaimed 'obsessive generalist' that "jumps from obsession to obsession". Meaning that he'll learn everything there is to know about the subject of his artwork. This acts as inspiration and shapes his works in both meaning and form. For instance in his work 'Soil Symphony', he symbolizes the science of disrupted soil nutrient cycles caused by monoculture farming, as broken record players that are stuck on repetition. Diverse cover-crop rotation (one of the principles of soil health), is depicted as a variety of plant sculptures, rotating on those records. Theo Rekelhof's work often consists of blending the worlds of Nature and music. He believes that the two are inseparable from humanity. Music is deeply ingrained in human culture and emotion and Nature forms the very source of our existence but is under threat. By highlighting Nature's needs through Music he hopes to spark empathetic concern for ecological welfare. His art serves to reinforce an environmental narrative that contains both urgency and hope. ”
Artist portfolio