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Title of project here Demi
In 2022, we often find it difficult to talk about sex let alone about porn. Porn can be satisfying and spark creativity in bed and luckily now it is increasingly becoming a creative outlet. But mainstream porn still has negative influences. Without thinking about it, this also happens through written communication (captions). I am using decontextualization as a strategy to emphasize the aggressive and absurd language used in mainstream porn, in order to make people wonder why this is normal. By putting it out of context from the online private world I want to raise the question of why we normalized these narratives in such an industry that everyone is familiar with but never talks about. This resulted in everyday objects. That forces me to take the term objectifying literally in a positive way. By working with a decontextualization strategy I am critiquing porn titles that are mainly focused on aggressiveness, insanity, and male-oriented. To highlight this strategy the titles are associated with the objects and vice versa.